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Farmers today, large or small, all require proper tire fitment to meet the farming application requirements. The vast array of tire designs that are used on the farm is huge. OK Tire Stores have the tire brands, sizes / plies / speed ratings and tread pattern selections that will fill your needs.

We understand that on your farm, time means money. That’s why we provide in-field service to keep you rolling. All OK Tire agricultural tire technicians have received extensive agricultural tire training to safely perform on-site and in-field service.

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Services We Offer

  • Proper Tractor set up
    Installing a new set of tractor tires requires proper set up to achieve optimum in the field or roading service. Air pressure, vehicle weight recommendations and tire component matching must be factored.
  • In field service
    OK Tire stores offer infield service when you are down and need tire service fast.
  • Ride issues troubleshooting
    Having issues with tire induced vibrations? Radial Hop issues? Lead / lag issues? OK Tire store tire technicians have the training to assist with these ride issues. This issue is predominate in mechanical front wheel drive or mechanical all wheel drive tractors. If your tractor starts to actually “hop” in the field. OK Tire can fix this.
  • What’s IF or VF tires?
    New tire manufacturing technology allows for Agriculture tires to carry the same loads at reduced air pressure. This results in better traction, and less soil compaction. Air pressure is critical on these new technology tires and OK Tire can recommend the optimum air pressure for the field work.
  • OK Tire stores can supply rims and hardware for your equipment. Including custom fit and dual / triple hardware.               
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